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What Kittens Do


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Sammy (No!), the Siamese Terrorist is now a whole 3 months old. He plays hard most of the day with a variety of balls, stuffed mice, purple hull peas, jalapenos, other animals and my toes.  Wish I had half the energy.

But when he’s done playing, he just drops wherever he is. Thought I’d show you what happens when Sammy runs out of steam. Thank the Lord for cat naps.

He had been playing with that ball for hours

Then he just conked out of the floor for awhile. I guess he decided the floor was a bit to hard because the next time I saw him he was doing this.

Kinda hidden in the pillows on the bed

A bit later, Sammy (No!) made this move.

Slide out from between the pillows, didn’t he?

15 minutes later I looked over and saw this.

Yoga pose, possibly?

I know what you’re thinking. So what, all cats sleep in beds. Maybe, but how about in bowls?

Funny thing is, the bowl is ceramic…

…and has fish all inside it. Think he knows?

How can that be comfortable?

Of course, if it gets too tight, he goes right for his favorite chair.

I’m pretty sure that’s not comfortable either

Occasionally, my camera clicking will wake The Siamese Terrorist for a moment.

Sorry Sam, always let sleeping kittens lie…

Know where he is while I am blogging right now?

Sleeping on my desk, right next to me, of course!

Okay, enough pussy footin’ around. Have a fabulous weekend. Me? I’m heading off to the infamous Spadette River Trip. Details on that next week. Okay, maybe not details, but at least a look see.

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