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Floating in Bandera, Texas


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There’s more than one way to float in Bandera. We’re on day two of the Bandera Memorial Day Parade. Let’s see what else I found during the parade line up.

I’m sure there’s nothing sadder than an empty float

Shouldn’t it be required that someone’s always standing on the float waving? Don’t they have a company called Waving Royalty Stand-Ins? Hmm, maybe I should start that.

This St. Patrick’s Day colored float really caught my attention

Finally, I had found someone who was actually on her float. She was a vision in white with a sparkling tiara. I ran up for a closer look.

Miss Cornzilla

I can only assume she and Godzilla have a think going. Aw, shucks, isn’t she pretty? Sorry, couldn’t resist the corn joke. Unfortunately, she’s a little husky. Okay, now I’ll stop. My jokes are corny today.

So where is all the royalty? Getting ready, of course.

Looks like Mom is holding her diet DP

Royalty always needs a lady- in-waiting. Too bad I’m a commoner.

It appears watermelon gives this Queen a headache

Actually, this whole bright over-the-top float gives me one, but I will admit, it really stands out in a crowd. When you’re announcing the parade, there’s no doubt when the Watermelon Girls come floating down the street.

Royalty hanging out

As parade time neared, the lovely young ladies started arriving. These gals were chatting. Evidently, they all had their wave down. Unfortunately, I didn’t have mine correct because when I waved to the crowd, that fat part under my arm jiggled. Now I get why those float ladies wave they way the do…to avoid the jiggle.

The Boerne Babes

I think their town may be confused. New Braunfels is the home of German stuff. Maybe Boerne has a bunch of German dads living there.

Sometimes, all you need is a convertible to be royalty

What you don’t know is her grandmother was standing over to the side acting as proud as punch. I’d be proud too if I’d gotten this young lady’s dress to look that perfect in the back of a convertible. God  Bless grandmothers!

What Makes a real Queen?

Obviously, she gets to wear the long dress.

Rattlesnake Royalty?

Does that mean your skin is dry? You can catch a rattlesnake with your bare hands? You can throw good hissy fits?

Finally, I found some real local Bandera Royalty

Royalty, you say? Well, yes and they have the proof. They showed me.

See them?

They’re standing on the balcony at the palace right next to William and Kate during the nano-second kiss. Frankly, I’d have already dumped the guy if that was as good a kiss as he could muster.

Dog-gone, I love a parade, Bandera style

Tomorrow, we’ll finally meet that man I found. In fact, I found an old boyfriend, too.

Spreading laughter throughout the world…one chuckle at a time. Pray for DDM.

Mikie Baker