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I Love a Parade, Bandera Style


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This week, I’ll be taking you to the Mardi Gras. Bandera is famous for throwing a great parade and all day party and this year’s Mardi Gras was no exception.

The official start to Mardi Gras was the parade kick-off at high noon. It included over 40 floats, hundreds of horses and evening an official wedding right in the middle of the parade. I don’t have any parade pictures because I was too busy helping Diane Travis, morning hostess of the Sunny Sunrise Show, of Sunny 96.5 Radio in Kerrville with announcing duties.

Front and center on the courthouse steps, we managed to announce most of the entrants correctly though, technically the Girls Scouts weren’t  prize winning heifers.

Medina Mikie and Diane Travis, parade announcers extraordinaire

Parade goers included the Chinese media from Beijing, parade watchers from all over the country and this one little guy who wasn’t talking.

That kid’s kinda small to have a mustache, isnt he?

The parade even included a wedding, preacher and all. They drove up on a flat bed decorated to the hilt and stuffed with a large group of wedding attendees. They stopped the parade and got married right in front of us. What a woman will go through just so her husband remembers their anniversary.

Newly married, Mardi Gras style

The parade wrapped up with the county’s finest – the area Volunteer Fire Departments, sirens blaring.  All that noise usually clears the streets of onlookers in a hurry. As we were leaving, I spied these two woman sitting on the courthouse steps. They were just the beginning of the wild things I would see and will show you the rest of the week.

Hunny Bunny and the Octopus Lady

Spreading laughter throughout the world,

Mikie Baker