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Stuffed Mammoth Jalapenos


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Actually, I took all the photos for this recipe a couple of months ago when my jalapenos were still large and it was safe to grill outside. Today, the Mammoth jalapenos are small and the ground is so crispy, I’m afraid to light the grill.

Make sure you’ve got a safe place to grill if you’re going to attempt this. If not, bet you could cook these under the broiler.

A bumper crop of a variety of peppers

So what to do with so many peppers? They sure can make a great appetizer. I know I’m hot stuff, but these Grilled Mammoth Jalapenos are, too!

A real simple list of ingredients

Make sure you wear gloves. I learned my lesson a couple of years ago when I set my hands on fire making this recipe. They burned for over two hours even after me trying a variety of ways to make them quit stinging. Lemon juice and sugar finally did the trick, but I’ve never touched a jalapeno since without gloves on. I don’t want to set off my smoke alarm again…

Cut the peppers in half and seed them

If you’ve got an itchy eye, don’t even think about scratching it with your gloves on. Cut and seed all peppers and then get those gloves off and in to the trash.

Seeded peppers ready to stuff

Then grab a knife, your cream cheese and stuff away.

Pack the cream cheese in there

Now you’re ready to wrap it up. Hey, that was kinda funny.

Next comes the bacon

The trick to successful stuffed jalapenos: really cheap, thin bacon. If you attempt this recipe with thick bacon that takes along time to cook, all the cream cheese will drip out. And that will not only be sad, but mess up your grill.

I cut one piece of really thin bacon in half, stretch it some, wrap it around the jalapeno stuffed with cream cheese and then secure it with toothpicks.

All wrapped up

I cannot guarantee your safety with the toothpicks. Sometimes you poke yourself in the finger, but I’ve yet to figure out how to make this recipe wearing gardening gloves.

Okay, now you grill them trying to only flip once or twice until they are done.

I might have eaten a couple straight off the grill – sorry

Anyway, they’re a great appetizer and a real treat. If you have way too many jalapenos, you can slice them up and can them or you can do this.

Chuck playing with a jap

Two out of the three cats in the house think these make a great play toy. Of course, have a big bowl of water around for your critters just in case.

Mammoth Stuffed Jalapenos

6 large jalapenos
6 slices of very thin bacon
1 box of cream cheese (doesn’t use the whole box to make this recipe)

Slice jalapenos in half and seed, wearing gloves. Stuff with cream cheese. Cut bacon in half. Pull a half strip until it is nice and long. Wrap around the stuffed jalapeno and secure with toothpicks. Grill 10 to 15 minutes on a medium hot grill. Cool a bit and enjoy.

Because it’s the year of the eggplant around here, tomorrow I’m going to show you how to grill eggplant with a simple, delicious recipe. Yum.

Spreading laughter (and calories) throughout the world…one chuckle at a time.

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