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DDM and St. Valentine


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The Art of Decorating a Tray Table

There’s not many presents left to give a 90-year-old, demented and wheel-chair bound mother, but sometimes simplicity is the most joyful gift of all. I figure if you reach 80 you don’t have to diet anymore and lately I’ve decided that if you reach 90, you no longer need your Hallmark card tucked in an envelope. Too much of a hassle for arthritic fingers.

So I decorated Dearly Demented Mom’s tray table with cloth rose petals, heart ornaments and big fake diamonds. Then I went and dressed her in her pink heart nightgown (with matching pink socks) and wheeled her into the living room on Valentine’s Day.

Pretty good looking for a 90 year old woman with no makeup on

Dearly Demented Mom did the proper thing and looked at her card first. I don’t really know if she can see that well anymore, but it did bring a smile to her face. She commented on her lovely chocolates and then dove right into her raspberry filled donuts. Remember – over 80 and no more diets.

That’s the “Let me eat my donut in peace” look

I put on old re-runs of “Murder, She Wrote” and DDM was in Valentine’s Day heaven. Later that evening I planned on presenting her with some chocolate covered strawberries. The berries in my garden aren’t quite ready, but HEB was more than happy to supply me with some great ones.

At the end of a great day, as I was clearing off Mom’s tray table, I found a neatly folded Kleenex. I picked it up to toss it DDM yelled, “Don’t touch that! Those are my diamonds. They are real and I’m making them into a nice diamond ring!”

Say, Cupid, thanks forĀ helping me hit a Valentine’s Day home run!

Rhinestones are a Dearly Demented Mom’s best friend

Care giving can be stressful so the best way to get through the day is laughing all the way. Now what can I do to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Dyed green mashed potatoes?

Spreading laughter throughout the world,

Mikie Baker