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Everybody needs a Buddy

With two thumbs up, Buddy and I were off and headed to the magic Rodeo Carnival. Buddy was looking forward to all the rides. I had heard rumor of a half snake, half woman over there and I was armed with a Media Pass and a new camera, so I thought I might get a National Enquirer worthy photo. When we showed up at her booth, the lovely lady was on a break – probably shedding skin.

Nine dollar hamburger, anyone?

The only thing bad about a Media Pass is they don’t feed your for free. I’m certain the Rodeo went to Jerry Jones for pricing advice because the food at the Carnival is on a par with the new Cowboy stadium. Luckily, Buddy came with groceries so I didn’t go hungry.

Better than the Crazy House, but not by much

Back in my State Fair of Texas days, I was always referred to as the “purse holder” because I’m afraid of heights. I was the poor soul who was assigned to “Can you hold my purse, please?” duty. I’d stand at the bottom of the ride with several purses hanging from each shoulder and watch everyone fly around in the air and scream. Better them than me, I always say. At the SA Rodeo, I was lucky enough to get to hold Buddy’s groceries while he took a spin.

Remember, that giant diamond necklace makes her butt look small

We ran into this lovely couple at the carnival. They were living the high-life and having a ball, though I do think she was a bit overdressed.  He might have appeared taller than her had he worn a cowboy hat, too. Evidently, they were celebrating their purchases at the deer auction where, I kid you not, they were auctioning off deer sperm. Who knew?

Most UT fans I know have mouths bigger than that

Of course Buddy, being a gentleman, wanted to win me a big stuffed animal, but I told him I had quit dating that type of fellow. It’s the thought that counts anyway. I told him not to worry, that Here Everything’s Better even without a giant Marmaduke. Besides, I was tired and wanted to get back to Very Best Friend’s house for an early evening.

Tomorrow, I wrap up the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo on my Media Pass. Wonder what other trouble I can find to get into?

Spreading laughter throughout the world,

Mikie Baker