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The Round Up


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Does this brand make my butt look big?

The first evening I had complimentary Media Pass tickets to the rodeo and concert afterwards featuring the Randy Rogers Band. I’d love to show you pictures but no cameras were allowed inside the arena.

When the rodeo wrapped up and the last of the bulls had quit buckin’, a gigantic tractor pulled a weird contraption right into the middle of the arena. Turns out, it was a fold up round stage. On it were the band’s guitars, piano and drums. Randy Rogers and his group arrived via a shiny new Ford F150, hopped up on the stage, grabbed their instruments and starting belting out the hits.

It was then that I noticed the stage was slowly turning in a circle over and over. I wondered if the band might get sea sick.

It turned out to be college night at the rodeo, so I was the oldest one there by a good 35 years. I kept telling everyone I was 75 and they all agreed that I looked great for my age.

There are even rules for cows

I got a slow start the second day as I got lost going back to VBF’s house and didn’t get to bed until after 1 am. No matter, day 2 was all about cows anyway and they don’t moooove too fast.

On the way to see the live critters, I stopped by one of the buildings that had merchandise for sale. Lots of bling, leather and turquoise. I even saw a sign that said, “Big jewelry makes your butt look small.” So that’s the secret.

The Magnetic Jewelry Yankees

These guys saw my Media Pass and camera and demanded to have their picture taken. They were selling magnetic jewelry that nobody was buying. I took pity on them. They travel the rodeo circuit. Wonder which city has big magnetic jewelry fans?

Would a good Christian really buy one of these?

From my memories of a chaise lounge in Funny Girl, I just don’t understand the overuse of crosses here. I’m pretty sure I’d slide right off this leather beast. Here’s a picture of this chaise lounge’s sister.

She looks like she just spent a daybehind the Red Door at Elizabeth Arden’s

Saw all I wanted of heifers and besides I had a hot date with a buddy of mine. See who he was and where he took me tomorrow on my Media Pass.


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