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Rodeo Show Time


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All blinged up for the show

My last morning at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo was all about radio, not rodeo. First I dropped by the Communications building. This is the heart of the Rodeo, where all those very important announcements are made. Things like, “Goat judging begins in 15 minutes at the Livestock Building. Get your funnel cake before you go goating.”

The voice behind this omnicent announcements? None other than San Antonio legend, Bruce Hathaway. I dropped in to watch Bruce use those golden tones of his to keep Rodeo patrons informed of all the excitment for the day. He uses a very old audio system with the classic push button microphone. I believe it was originally used in the Sky King series.

While I was there with camera shy Bruce, a couple of  cowboy singers stopped by and serenaded us.

I have a video of this but I can’t figure out how to import it

After listening to one too many informative announcements, I was off to the Texas Experience building to see the live radio show, “Talk about Texas” hosted by Roy Holley and sponsored by Texas Pride Barbecue. Roy had a great show packed with informative guests.

Big Daddy Roy Holley

While Roy was interviewing his first guest, I was busy interviewing the guests that were waiting to go on the show. That’s what we reporters do. We ask everyone questions and learn a lot rather quickly.

First off, I met a great gal who was a former bull rider. Personally I’ve never riden a bull, but I’m sure full of it.

Former Bull Rider and Present Day Minister, Crystal Lyons

When I asked Crystal why she quit bull riding, she said, “I got pregnant. Babies and bull riding just don’t mix.”  Funny, but I thought women and bull riding didn’t mix.  It doesn’t for me!

Crystal has an avid love of horses, rodeos and God. She’s also a writer and has a loyal following in the horse and rodeo magazines. You can check out her website at

Chuckwagon Master Glenn Dorn

If you ever wanted to meet a man that can cook, well then Glenn’s your guy. He’s been in the Chuckwagon business for 31 years and makes his way into Bandera all the time. In fact, the 3rd Saturday of every May, he hosts the National Cowboy Hall of Fame Dinner honoring famous Cowboys at Mansfield Park in Bandera. What started out as an idea more than 20 years ago has turned into a national event with more than 200 attendees. I plan on being there for some great grub and lively entertainment.

After the show was over, I headed out and stopped by Glenn’s Rafter “D” Chuckwagon where he was catering to the people that work the rodeo.

Glenn looks serious about his cooking

Well, that about wraps up my 3 days with a Media Pass at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. I left with having made lots of new friends and a free bag of charcoal to boot. Wonder where I can get myself into next with a Media Pass?

Things are really going to get cookin’ in Medina now!

Spreading laughter throughout the world,

Mikie Baker