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Media Pass Fun


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Wonder if my Media Pass is behind this door

Last week, I realized that writing for a newspaper for the past 4 years has its’ advantages. One of those advantages is a Media Press Pass. It can get the bearer in just about anywhere. Where did I want to go with a Media Pass? Hunting for a rich, single rancher at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, of course!  Over the next week, I’ll be taking you along on my virgin Media Pass adventure. So settle in and enjoy the ride.

3 days of outfits filled up the back of the horse

But before you can rodeo, you need to packeo and I did a great job of that. It’s so nice not to be limited by the “one bag rule” (which would be me), but have an entire car to fill up with outfits galore. I had three different cowboy hats, two pairs of  boots, a passel of hanging clothes, 2 suitcases and a liter of diet Dr Pepper. And cruising tunes, of course.

Armed and dangerous with a new camera to boot

It’s amazing what power a piece of plastic can wield. I was given Media Parking Lot privileges, free snacks and even had a golf cart driving chauffeur. My driver was a San Antonio police officer who takes off 3 weeks every year and works the rodeo as a driver and security man. Wonder if they have rodeo jail?

Leon Coffee, world famous Rodeo Clown without makeup

First on my agenda was to interview a Rodeo Clown. I figured, “It takes one to know one” so I was escorted to the AT&T Center basement to interview Leon. He was camped out in the referee locker room. Immediately after introductions I wanted to know if Leon knew any good jokes.

Leon’s been in the Rodeo Business for 31 years. He used to ride the bulls, then he grew a brain and became a Rodeo Clown. Today he is the Barrel Man, who is the slowest one out there and is protected from the bull by a 140 pound barrel. Funny, I figured the barrel was plastic.

Leon’s broken 143 bones in his career (ouch!). He’s traveled all over the world working 12 months a year and actually, he’s a really funny man. Plus he can shake a move across the rodeo floor.

Tune in tomorrow and see the next guy I interviewed. I couldn’t get a word out of him.

Finally, someone with a bigger mouth than me

Spreading laughter through the world,

Mikie Baker