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The Great State Fair of Texas


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Wow have I been busy (don’t get out of the cage much) and boy did I miss reporting in to you wonderful readers. Well I’m back and armed with over a week of blogs. There is much on the State Fair of Texas in here, but there are gardening tips and how to build your dream home that runs off solar, rainwater catchment and native landscaping.

But first, let’s just grab some State Fair fun. Enjoy the ride. No coupons required.

I was lucky enough to attend the fair with My Crazy Cousin and Two Star Husband. Trust me, a two star General wearing an 82nd whatever cap can get you lots of notice and thanks. Which is a good thing for a man that risked his life for us.

Of course the State Fair is all about eating, rides and displays. We skipped most of the rides but we hit everything else. We played from can till can’t. Let’s start with what I always start with at the fair.

Yep, that’s the real thing

A Fletcher’s Corny Dog. But let me tell you the story. They now have a jalapeno/cheese version which I tried and it was almost as good at the original. Only problem was, it cost eleven bucks. I kid you not. Still great, but when it costs more than that? Well, unless I win the lottery, I’ll have to pass.

Of course, you do pay for the fact that Big Tex watches you eat your corny dog. I tried to flirt with him, but he just ignored me. Still, here’s a good family photo.

Okay, maybe not so great because the lighting was all wrong

Still, look how handsome¬†Big Tex is…

We started wandering around and found a lovely display of over 50 different gardens designed by local landscapers and sponsored by Home Depot. Here’s my favorite.

It’s a water garden. Deer would eat it up down here.

Then I made the family do something funny as I am always in the need of blackmail. Aren’t you?

Flower Power even though they’re not old hippies

Next, we wandered by the small lake in the fair and I found this.

Look close – it’s named Swan Lake

Love it! Didn’t take a ride on the swans, though I should have because I don’t ride anything that leaves the ground. Afraid of heights. Can’t help it.

By the beautiful garden displays, they had wonderful garden art made by local artists. This one way my favorite. Thought it would be perfect in The Funny Farm.

Half dead Hill Country trees and a frog

Seen both of them this year. Next up?  We started seeing signs of the Midway. Of course, this is the gateway to that side of the fair.

They call it the Texas Star

I don’t remember what I read about the Ferris wheel, but I do remember it was built in 1946, is a diesel whatever and one of the larger continuous operating ones in the country. I ran right past it to the greenhouse display, but that’s a whole blog by itself and I will tell you about it next week.

So we headed over to the Midway and this was my favorite sight.

The Half-Man Midway Barker

He barked really good and was very funny. I know they do that with mirrors, but I still couldn’t figure it out so I got up for a closer look.

Well, if you can figure him out, just let me know.

By this time, guess what? Hungry again. We’d had Fletcher’s Corny Dogs, Darn Good Roasted Corn (didn’t take a picture because I couldn’t stop eating it) and so we headed to the Food Court. This was the selection of the day and 10 more coupons.

Real Tex-Mex Nachos

Texas chips and the Mexican flag with jalapenos on the side. What could be better? Time for a bathroom break. Tune in Friday for more fair fun.

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