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Growing Out, Not Up


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The Siamese Terrorist is about to have a problem. Sammy (No!) or Samino as I call him, has adopted a bowl in the house as his very own. And it’s easy to understand why.

Sammy’s bowl

Once his got familiar with his surroundings, Samino decided this was his sleeping spot. I assume he wanted to always make sure he had fish around. Actually, the vet told me that Samino has an above average temperature. It’s 102. If I had a 102 temperature, you’d need to throw me in a rubber room because, with my below-normal 97.2, I start seeing things when my temps goes over 101.

Enough. This is about The Siamese Terrorist, not me. So Samino decided to sleep in this bowl – on occasion. You can never really figure out what a cat’s going to do next.

In the beginning, he fit in the bowl perfectly…

…though some days he chose to do something cute like this. I guess so I’d take his picture.

But lately I’ve been noticing that he is outgrowing his fish bowl. I knew the day would come that if it just didn’t fit anymore, he’d be the kind of cat that would start sleeping in the sink. Cat hair in a sink is not a good thing for a near-sighted contact lense wearer.

So today, I decided Sammy needed a bigger bowl. I happened to have one in the cupboard, so I put it out next to Sammy’s other bowl while he was snoozing. Let’s see what happened, shall we?

See what I mean?

Definitely outgrowing the bowl. So I put down the other bowl on the coffee table.

The Stretch and Sniff

Obviously a smart cat. He can do two things at one time. I no longer have that ability.

The Test

Looks like he’s going for it. Maybe this will work. (And yes, those are the other lazy animals around this house sleeping on the couch.)

The Rejection

Nope. Not for him. Have no idea why, but let’s see what Samino has to say about it.

The Evil Eye

I think that’s the “look” that says, “Leave my bowl alone. I do too fit.”

I left the other bowl out of the table because you just never know. But I bet my sinks aren’t safe.

Going to a fancy, schmancy fundraiser tonight and a 10th anniversary party on Saturday. If you ever want to know what I’m doing, just check out my Appearances page. If nothing else, it’s good for a laugh.

Enjoy your weekend, too!

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