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The Beautiful Medina Nursery


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Sometimes you find miracles right in your own backyard – or just down the road. The other day I headed to the Medina Nursery to buy a couple of plants (yes, this gardener is always on the hunt for plants) and for a moment, I thought I’d taken a wrong turn and landed up in the Dallas Arboretum.

Ernesto, the owner and gardener extraordinaire, grabbed me by the arm and said, “Follow me.” I rounded the corner and saw this.

A Giant Field of Poppies

They went on forever, it seemed. Ernesto explained that the temperature, rain and light need to be exactly right for them to grow like this. And evidently, this was the year and the day. I ran home to get my camera, so now here’s a tour of some pure beauty.

Flowers forever

There is a rock house at the top of the hill, and then fields of beautiful plants grow on several levels. The bottom level is where you can buy your own piece of gardening heaven.

Wouldn’t you love to have breakfast here every morning?

Red, white and blue all together in nature

This is an Argentine Poppy

It grows about 3 feet tall and has massive blooms. Simply gorgeous.

Birds of Paradise

I noticed this over to the side. Definitely not a native and can’t survive our winters, but so tropical and soothing.

Gorgeous Bouganvilla

Love ’em. Can’t grow ’em. I have given up.

As I was leaving, this was growing on the side of the drive. Don’t know what it is, but it’s just one more magic moment at the Medina Nursery.

Love it!

If you ever get to Medina, you must stop by the nursery. There are plants galore to buy, butterfly gardens, and luscious flowers everywhere. Plus Ernesto knows everything there is to know about plants and gardening.

Spreading beauty throughout the world…one plant at a time.

Mikie Baker