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A Tour of Arkey Blue’s


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Let’s finish up our charming tour of Arkey Blue’s Silver Dollar Saloon, shall we?

Stroke of Genius and I had a great time. How could you not help but having fun while sipping on a cold one with a view of this?

A warm fire with Arkey gazing down at us

Though he wasn’t there, we felt like he was. We were just too old to stay until 9 pm to see the real show!

There is one spot in Arkey’s Bar that is, well, infamous.

It’s the bathroom

Sure the front door is a classic, but it should give you a clue – Arkey’s has one of the smallest bathrooms on the face of the earth and it always smells like Lysol. Lots of Lysol. Still, after a couple of beers, who cares?

I doubt if it works

Think about it – after popcorn and beer would you actually weigh yourself? You’d probably get a fortune that said, “You need to lose weight!”

There are just so many things to see around Arkey’s. Here’s a couple of my favorites.

Boot lamps just don’t get any better than that

But my absolute favorite says everything you need to know about the man himself:


It’s a black velvet painting of a half-naked girl just tucked over in the corner. Need I say more?

We also met some real nice folks at our table. Besides the fancy snacks some guy brought in served in a cardboard box, I noticed this sitting on the table next to me.

A blinging Gun Purse

I can honestly say I’ve never seen one of these before. But wait, there’s more. I looked up to see what lovely lady belonged to this bag and lo, look what I saw!

That’s one pistol packin’ mama!

So, if you get to Bandera I highly recommend a visit to Arkey Blue’s Silver Dollar Saloon. You won’t be disappointed!

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