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Another Character at the DDR


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Actually, this character originally lived at The Baker Agency, my company back in Big D. She held our company brochure and lived in the lobby. I thought Lily made a great first impression.

 Now Lily holds greenery

She’s wooden, but I still think Lily is a real doll. I picked her up (now that doesn’t sound right) at The Horchow Collection in Dallas. They always had great bargains. I’m pretty sure Lily was pricey (more than $29.99), but sometimes you just can’t pass up an instant friend.

Lily stands about 4 feet tall, so she’s shorter than a minute. She guards the wine which is a very important job. Hmm, maybe since she’s near the “bar”, she should hold something else…

Now she’s officially the Koozie Queen

Oh my, look at those lovely Dancing Dog Ranch Koozies. I think I should offer them as part of my Gone Country Collection. Look for them for sale on very soon.

Tomorrow we’ll meet somebody who is a lot like me – a real witch.

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