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Critters at the Dancing Dog Ranch


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I’m not in charge around here. Neither is Dearly Demented Mom or the Teenage Eating Machine. No, here at the Ranch, the critters rule the roost. Thought you might like to get to know them. Everybody has their special quirks, after all.

I’ll go in order of who adopted us first.

Marshmellow in mid-lick after some Milk Bones

I know. Marshmellow isn’t really the correct spelling, and she’s not a bit mellow, but we’re stuck with the name. When the Teenage Eating Machine was pre-teenage, the Principal of his school brought in 4 abandoned pups from her weekend place. Of course all the kids at the school went crazy over them, but this one in particular so they named her – Marshmellow. After an entire day of begging, I finally relented and let TEM bring her home. This lovely lady is now 8 years old.

Before he was a teenager, TEM still didn’t have any fashion sense

Marshmellow is part Border Collie, part Lab and a little Blue Healer to boot. She runs faster than the wind, herds everything including us, and barks at the deer. Squirrels drive her crazy.
But mostly, she does this.

The “Cow Dog Bed Hog”

Marshmellow’s nickname is derived from the following facts: she manages to take up a king sized bed (bed hog) and she moos in her sleep (cow dog).  She’s the only one around here that gets a good night’s sleep.

TEM’s trick: Marshmellow hugs people

Unfortunately, we only got through “sit” and “shake” in dog training school before soccer practice became more important. So, the Teenage Eating Machine taught Marshmellow to hug. If you come to the Dancing Dog Ranch, be prepared to be hugged by a 40 lb. dog. Sorry about that.

Yes, her Majesty loves a good pillow

The Dancing Dog Ranch is named after Marshmellow as she turns circles when the UPS truck drives by. She also likes to dance to the sound of a diesel truck. Go figure.

Tomorrow you will get to meet the second in command around here – Smokey Robinson.

Spreading laughter throughout the world…one chuckle at a time.

Mikie Baker