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It’s A Wrap


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Truth be known, this is why I moved to the Hill Country

I’d had a day filled with Mardi Gras costumes, gumbo and handsome cowboys. The evening’s festivities hadn’t begun yet, but my hall pass away from Dearly Demented Mom was coming to a close.¬† I circled around town and decided that it was about time to go.

Even the cowboys were getting tired

I figured before I headed out of town, I’d treat myself to a pizza. Out where I live, there’s no pizza delivery man so not many Italians live out here, I can tell you that. I stopped by the local pizza joint to pick up a Deluxe with no olives. I was still carrying two free passes to the evening Mardi Gras concert at 11th Street Cowboy Bar. But, like I said, all my partying was over for the day.

When I wandered in to pick up my pizza pie, I ran into¬†four darling young girls whose evening was just about to begin. We got to talking (former disc jockeys like me talk to everyone) and I asked where they were headed. They said the big party so I asked if they had tickets. Amazingly two of them did and two of them didn’t. Before they knew what hit them, they were the lucky recipients of two free passes complements of Sunny 96 Radio in Kerrville.

Ah, remember faded youth when there was no need for a push up bra?

As I was leaving town, I realized all the daytime parade goers had hit the road.

There’s nothing sadder than an empty float

As I drove home my mind wandered back to all the reasons why I left the Big City and headed for the hills – fresh air, no traffic and this…

Cute Cowboys!

Next week, we tackle spring gardening in the Funny Farm.

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