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What’s up, Chuck?


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The last of the critters here at the Dancing Dog Ranch arrived a little over 2 years ago on a cold, February night. It was 2:30 in the morning and suddenly Marshmellow went crazy barking up a storm. I sent her out the back door as I headed out the front. And there he was, cold and skinny.

Just kidding, actually this is who showed up


I really wasn’t in the mood for another cat, so I fed  him and put out a blanket for him to sleep on. By the time I went from the front door to the back door, this orange tabby was already there, rubbing on the dog. I gave up and brought him in. He hopped right up on the bed, cuddled up on my head and went to sleep.

This place is for the birds

We named him Chuck after deciding that he was one of the stray kittens from the Chuckwagon – our local burger joint. Chuck’s claim to fame is I think he’s legally blind. I’ve watched him walk into a glass door before. Plus, he’s the clumsiest cat ever knocking many a knick-knack over in his wake.

But Chuck’s a lover and that makes up for it. He is constantly licking my chin and rubbing me.  Unfortunately, he likes to bite my chin, too.

Chuck may be a lover, but when provoked…

Chuck also loves to garden and spends a good deal of time with me out in The Funny Farm. Mostly, he and I dig in the dirt. But he does it for an entirely different reason than I do.

Chuck likes to “shark”. He has a rather long tale that hooks on the end when he’s marching around the house. Sometimes he just goes around in circles over and over with that hooked tail standing straight up. I refer to this as, “Chuck’s sharking again.”

Just before another chin bite

Chuck’s friendly with everyone here, including Dearly Demented Mom. And, frankly, that’s hard to do. Excuse me, but he just knocked over a flower pot and I’ve got some sweeping to do.

Spreading laughter throughout the world…one chuckle at a time.

Mikie Baker