Sleep Number Bed for Cats


I have decided Smokey Robinson, the elder of the felines at the Dancing Dog Ranch is in need of a Sleep Number Bed. He doesn’t sleep in one place for too long. Marshmellow’s a bed hog dog and Chuck pretty much sleeps on one end of the couch. If anyone else sits there, Chuck wanders around in circles meowing until his spot is safe again.

But back to Smokey who has sleeping issues. He’s almost 8 so I thought he might be suffering from a bit of arthritis, but with the places he comes up with to sleep in/on/over, maybe he’s just fine after all.

Let’s examine cat naps, shall we?

Actually, not too abnormal

Usually dogs sleep like this, but I’m still convinced the dog thinks he’s a cat and the cats think they are dogs. Mistaken identities, all. 

It all started at a young age for Smokey Robinson – sleeping in strange places.

Smokey had a sleeping fetish since he was a kitten

You know the “special child” in the family? Well, I could tell early on, this one was going to be a strange sleeper. How much fun! Let’s sleep in a trash can! Oh boy!

Immediately I headed to the pet store to get him a decent bed. You know how much cats love those expensive beds from the Pet Palace, don’t you? Usually they sniff, turn and stomp off. That’s why you can pick up so many great cat bed deals at garage sales.

A cat who actually sleeps in a store bought thing

Of course that didn’t last long. Smokey has slept in paper bags, boxes, closets, and under beds. Lately, he’s been getting pretty creative, though.

Yes, someone is looking for all the attention

Sleeping right in front of the HDTV? Funny, but he doesn’t look as clear as the TV. By the way, that was a lovely contest on Dearly Demented Mom’s favorite – Wheel of Fortune.

But the other day, I walked into the guest room and found him sleeping in the strangest place of all.

I know, I know, I should exercise more

Most people store their clothes on their workout equipment. I store my cat. Looks like an uphill battle to me.

Tomorrow, we’re going to see what difference a month makes.

Spreading laughter throughout the world…one chuckle at a time.

Mikie Baker

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