The Laughter Intervenion


Before I begin blogging again, I decided to put my column for this week up on Memorial Day. I just wanted you to know that your prayers are working, I’ve found my sense of humor and Mom is still doing fine today. Here’s my column and enjoy your holiday. 

You know what your prayers have brought to me and Dearly Demented Mom? Delightful, poignant moments and a house full of laughter. 

As has been apparent, I’ve been lower than a snake’s belly around here. That’s not a good thing for a woman who’s trying to spread laughter throughout the world one chuckle at a time while keeping her Mom happy to the end. 

But not to worry. I’ve had a Laughter Intervention. 

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m part of 12 crazy women called the Spadettes. For more than 30 years we’ve been by each others sides for the ups and downs of life. Last week, when I started drowning in sorrow, Sand Tart Spadette threw out a life line and came to my rescue. 

She breezed in on Monday with an extra big smile, an extra big hug and an extra big bottle of wine. The only thing she didn’t bring was her marvelous melt-in-your-mouth Sand Tarts. STS might have had a tin tucked away in her car if it was an absolute emergency, but her happy spirit did the trick. 

How did she bring me out of the depths of depression? She grabbed two wine glasses, cracked open the bottle and demanded the TV remote. Within 5 minutes we were watching “When Harry Met Sally” with Dearly Demented Mom all laughing together. Instead of wine for DDM, STS whipped her up a chocolate malted. Dearly Demented Mom drank every last bit. 

Day Two of Laughter Intervention involved heading to the Medium City to see Bridesmaids, a riotous comedy about – you guessed it – bridesmaids. Though I can never see myself having another over-the-top wedding, I might see myself standing at the edge of the river getting married with VBF and the Spadettes at my side. Besides the laughs packed into the movie, it gave me some great ideas. 

Plus we shared the perfect giant bin of popcorn with way too much butter on it. You know the amount – makes your hand too greasy to hold your Coke very well. 

That night we did an NCIS marathon with DDM. Sand Tart Spadette made large bowls of mashed potatoes from tators picked straight out of The Funny Farm that morning. Life doesn’t get much better than Mark Harmon and Mashers. 

The third and final day of Laughter Intervention couldn’t have been more perfect. We watched the final, really final, I’m not kidding final Oprah show. And you know Oprah; she can always make you cry. Especially a writer who always hoped she’d write a book that was on Oprah’s must read list. 

After that, Sand Tart Spadette kicked it back into high gear and we watched a DVD we had rented – Hangover. I’m not sure if watching me figure out how to make the DVD player work or the movie was funnier. Both were a scream. 

By the end of the three days, our abdomen’s hurt from so much laughing. Dearly Demented Mom enjoyed the company too because, frankly, I think she’s sick of all the hospice attention. 

As Sand Tart Spadette packed up her car to leave, I hugged her long and hard and thanked her for the Laughter Intervention. Sometimes your friends do know better than you what your soul needs. 

Though the days ahead may be tough, at least I can face them knowing my Funny Bone is starting to mend.

Spreading laughter throughout the world…one chuckle at a time. Pray for DDM.

Mikie Baker

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