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Frontier Times Museum Gala Fun


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On the right, Jimmy McLean, founder of the museum

I don’t know who that other guy is, but I’m thinking he might be Hoss Cartwright. At least I liked his 10 gallon hat.

Gala Barkeep Girls

Every good Gala needs friendly bartenders. These nice ladies were no exception to the rule.

A one man band

Any Gala worth it’s salt has to have entertainment. This nice young man was good, though it was hard to hear him over the happy crowd. Remember, Toby Keith started this way, too.

Roy Holley, emcee for the evening, in between performances

The Gala started rolling after dinner with a wild and crazy live auction. Between Roy, the auctioneer and the spotters, money was being made hand over fist for the Frontier Times Museum.

Patrons from my table

See there is a place where wearing a tie like that is appropriate…

Well this Cinderella turns into a pumpkin after 10 pm, so it was time for me to head out. Before I left I caught a glimpse of what the Bandera High School kids had been doing in the back.

All clean and ready for the next big gala

Tomorrow, get to know the critters here at the Dancing Dog Ranch.

Spreading laughter throughout the world…one chuckle at a time.

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