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The Spadettes


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The day before Tom Emery’s memorial service, most of the Spadettes gathered on the patio at the Blue Goose Cantina on Lower Greenville in Dallas to do some catching up.  Though my love of Big D is long gone since I moved to the much saner Hill Country, I will still head that way to be with my sisters.

But this reminder hangs on my front porch

So let’s learn a little more about some of the Spadettes, shall we? Blackmail is so much fun…

Thirty years ago all the Spadettes looked like that hot, young chick
on the pink motor bike thingy

We did break hearts in our day. Now, sometimes our hearts break, but we just get back up and go shopping. We’ve learned that we don’t have wrinkles, we have laugh lines.

 And 30 years later we find we all need air conditioning plus a heavy duty fan!

It was a rare, pretty spring day in North Texas so we went straight to the infamous Blue Goose patio. I for one was hoping some handsome man in a brand new Beamer would drive up and whisk me away. Oh well, at least the fajitas were good. Plus, I’ve never lasted 30 years with a man, only with the Spadettes.

Blue nails?

Normally, we are a manicured group – that is except the two of us that don’t live in Dallas anymore. We’re too busy growing our own vegetables to worry about our nails. When I shuddered at this color polish, I was informed this was “Dallas Cowboy Blue” though why you’d wear that during baseball season, I just don’t know.

When my toes turn blue, it means I’m cold

These weren’t really Dallas Cowboy Blue. More like Robin Egg Blue, though it does seem that blue is the “in” color these days. Mine are more of a Funny Farm dirt color.

Of course, just because your nails are painted, doesn’t mean that accidents won’t happen.

 No worry, it’s Texas and it’ll dry

Luckily she only spilled her “iced tea” and no, it had nothing to do with the fact that this Spadette laughed too hard.

Don’t worry – we ate, boy did we eat!

That used to be a gigantic platter of fajitas for 25 or something. Anyway, they were good.

Ok, now that you understand about our action packed afternoon, let’s meet the lovely ladies, shall we?

This is our eldest Spadette and the best looking of the bunch

She’s 40 and the rest of us are 39. And, yes, that’s her real hair color. Her claim to fame (in my book) is that she kissed Frank Sinatra. The real one. When he was alive. At Morton’s in Chicago of all places. I mean, if you’re going to kiss Old Blue Eyes, what better place than a classic Chicago dinner spot?

These ladies know the secret to looking young…

…wear sunglasses to hide the wrinkles. The one on the left is our Wise Injun and the one on the right, well, she’s from Arkansas. Enough said. Actually, I should stop and mention here that the Spadettes are totally color blind. Though most of us only see Burnt Orange, we still love our sisters that see red and razorbacks.

This is Hippie Yuppie Sister

She didn’t look very happy that I was taking her picture. No worries because I have plenty of blackmail on her. Actually she’s a really happy person and was kind enough to let me and the Juicers spend the night at her lovely home. She’s also the proud owner of a vintage aluminum Christmas tree. Too cool.

Lovely ladies both having a good hair day

That Juicers on the left. She’s the other out-of-towner like me, only she lives on a lake. More about her later. The one on the right, Cindylu, sold me one of my prized possessions at her garage sale – a Dallas Cowboys crock pot. I guess you could say she’s a real Cowboy fan, even though she is not wearing blue fingernail polish.

Our Mini Me Spadette

She’s shorter than a minute. On her 11th 39th birthday party (you do the math) she looked totally hot in black leather pants. The rest of us looked fat. She’s “petite”. I have nightmares about being stuck in the Petite Department and never being able to find anything to wear. I was never, ever a petite. Not even when I was five.

That’s all you get to know about the Spadettes for now. One day I’m going to write a book on them – all fictional, of course.

Tune in Monday and find out what happened before I left Big D. It seems that this old broad may have gotten lucky…

Spreading laughter throughout the world…one chuckle at a time.

Mikie Baker