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Cajun Crazy


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Some women are so plastic

Actually this was the side of the giant 18 wheeler with a flat bed attached that carried the King and Queen of Mardi Gras and more than a 100 of their closest drinking buddies.

The King of Mardi Gras and the man behind the madness – James McGroarty

I’ve really never experienced a town like Bandera before. If people aren’t dressing up for a celebration, they’re dressing up as cowboys and bikers. The out-of-towners are really the only ones that look normal; except for the Snow Birds.¬† Yes, Yankee clothes are really different.

I think she carries off Mardi Gras in a classy way

Another good Mardi Gras rule: Less is More

Mardi Gras hats come in all shapes and sizes

It also comes in more than purple, green and gold

I figured the celebration was getting too rowdy when I saw this next guy. Then I got a little closer and figured out he was part of the problem.

All the bling was about to get too me, so I headed off in search of some regular, good old boys.
Tune in tomorrow to see who I found.

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