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A Healthy Pizza Recipe


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Seems I’m behind on my blogging. Sorry, but it’s been busy around here. Back to the subject at hand. Looking for a healthy pizza that’s lower in calories than the traditional pizza? Here you go. It’s filling and delicious, too.

After searching around the Internet, I discover this pizza I made is referred to as a “white pizza” as it doesn’t have tomato sauce and has chicken. I just made this one up, but there are many recipes like this via Google.

Now let me remind you of the pizza crust I used.

Whole Wheat Pizza Crust

In researching calorie counts between Mama Mary’s and Boboli, I discovered that Boboli also makes a whole wheat crust. They just don’t sell it at my store. If you’re a constant dieter like I am, you should switch to 100% whole wheat for everything – bread, pasta, tortillas, pizza dough and crackers. The calories are less and the products are much better for you.

Now to the White Pizza.

Choose your ingredients

I had these things around the house and because it’s a build-it-yourself Pizza Party, this is what I used: homemade pesto, artichokes, roasted red peppers, spinach, grilled chickenĀ and low fat Mozzarella plus the rest of the Italian cheese blend I had. Next time I would add red onion slices and a bit of crushed red pepper flakes to add a kick.

Cover the pizza with pesto

Now I know that basil pesto is packed with calories but this is only a couple of tablespoons and it is a healthy alternative to sugary spaghetti sauces they sell in the store.

Add the cheese

This is mostly low fat Mozzarella which is just as good as it gets when counting calories.

Start building your pizza

I quartered up artichoke hearts (from a jar) and roasted red peppers (from another jar). Pretty simple prep.

Topped with Baby Spinach

I got a free bag of Baby Spinach on a buy-this-and-get-this-stuff-free offer from Expensive Grocery Store. Nice colors, don’t you think?

Finished off with chicken

I had leftover grilled chicken fajita meat, so I sliced it and put it on the top. Chicken has about half the calories of pepperoni. Now it’s ready to pop into the oven.

Fresh out of the oven

It was great, though like I said, I’d have added red onion and crushed red pepper next time to give it more zing.

So what calories can you save by making a healthy pizza? Well, let’s compare a couple of things:

14 slices of pepperoni are 140 calories where 2 oz of chicken is around 70 calories. The flour crust is 190 calories and the whole wheat is 130. That’s over 100 calories savings and every calorie is important to a dieter.

To make a healthy pizza? Just let your imagination run and look through your fridge and pantry shelf. If you come up with a great recipe, send on and I’ll share it with all the dieting readers.

Spreading weight loss throughout the world…one less calorie at a time.

Mikie Baker