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The Problem Child


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And I thought the Teenage Eating Machine was bad.  He looks like Beaver Cleaver compared to this monster.

You heard me, monster brat cat

Sammy, or as he knows¬† his name as Sammy No!, is 3 months old, weighs 4.8 pounds and is hell on wheels. He’s so tough, he could win any WWE Smackdown. Trust me and the other cats around here.

What does Sammy do to terrorize the Dancing Dog Ranch?

Attacks any animal or person walking by

The other cats have been hiding in the back bedroom for days. They only sneak out when The Siamese Terrorist is taking a nap.

One of his problems is that Sammy started out as an outdoor kitten. For his safety, at this point, he’s just an indoor kitten. See how well he responds to that when everyone else goes outside and he is left “Home Alone.”

What? I wanted outside!

I had to walk around the house to get in the front door since the back door was blocked by The Siamese Terrorist.

I know what you’re thinking. “Oh, but he’s such a cute kitten and I bet he sleeps a lot, too. They’re all angels when they are asleep.”

Oh, no, they’re not

He’s sleeping all over Chuck. Notice Chuck’s ears. They’re pulled back. When a cat pulls back his ears, it means he’s pissed. And who else could make someone so mad?

But finally, there is a point when Sammy No! does run out of steam. That’s when the rest of us get some relief.

Of course, that’s the dog’s chair…

The Vet said that as soon as we neuter him, he’ll calm down. I’m thinking the dentist would be a better idea. Then his meowwill be worse than his bite.

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