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Life on Lake Granbury


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Chicken Legs Spadette, aka Juice, and I have been friends since she and Ronny showed up with homegrown radishes at the McMansion. That’s a story for another day. Today let’s see about Life on Lake Granbury.

View of Lake Granbury from Juice’s house

It’s not far away, but it’s not that close when you’re toating things for a day at the dock. What does one do in that case?

The Lake Granbury Cruiser

Juice’s house is 4 houses away from the lake. Since she’s a water baby that must play in the lake everyday that’s warm, this cruiser is her way to take sitting chairs, coolers, friends and floats on that trip down the road. The LGC is also great for running trash and teaching young kids how to drive. The Teenage Eating Machine learned to drive with the LGC. Plus it knows it’s way home.

See how handy the Lake Granbury Cruiser is?

Riding there with Juice are Cousin Lyla and her son Tucker.  They had all just gotten back from the lake in style. Lyla also owns a stylish new cruising car.

Looks like a Space Alien Cruiser

When you move to the country, you are no longer up on the latest car model of anything. All I see down here are beat up trucks with cattle guards. Anybody shows up in the neighborhood driving something like this, well, we know you’re from out of town. Especially since your car’s been washed. With a caliche driveway, there’s not much point in keep a car all spiffed up in the country.

Now this is how real Texans roll

There’s another form of transportation at Juice’s, but it just doesn’t get used that much.

Donkeys are so much slower than golf carts

Well, that’s enough about the transportation at Lake Granbury. Before Lyla left in her fancy new hybrid box, I grabbed a shot of her in a great shirt.

Who knows – this might just show up in the Gone Country Collection one day

Tune in tomorrow to meet the residents at the lake.

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