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Missing In Action


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I know what you’re thinking…where the heck are my laughs? She hasn’t made me giggle in a week. Frankly, I was very diligent during Thanksgiving week with funny cartoons and even came up with the Ratatouille recipe for the Monday after my return. Then I cratered.

Luckily, I had a great Thanksgiving thanks to My Crazy Cousin, Two Star Cuzband and Broken Knee Spadette with not one, not two, but three Thanksgiving Dinners. I was all fat and happy, totally entertained and in great shape when I came home. The herd was even very thankful to see me.

Then the walls caved in. You can’t escape mourning (even if you think you can) and when I came home to a quiet house with no Dearly Demented Mom, I got pretty depressed. I hid from blogging and decided the best use of my time was to get a sinus infection. My last week has been lousy. I even bought new contacts and can’t see much more than this computer. Sorry readers, but I think I just went down.

Not only did a sinus infection hit, but the laryngitis followed. Rarely in my life,have I not been able to speak.  I think God is trying to tell me I’ve been talking bad about others. I shall watch my tongue, even though my voice doesn’t work. 

Yesterday, not speaking, I pulled myself together enough to rearrange the garage, bring in all the potted plants and host a lovely dinner party for the wonderful people that took care of the herd, the plants and the pipes when I was away.

Today I pressed on, cooked a couple of things I will blog on this week and slapped up a few minimal Christmas decorations. Didn’t open a Christmas box, just added wreaths and a pretty pitiful little pre-lit tree I had hanging around.

I’m  better. Lights and candles abound, but I know this will be a pretty rough season missing Dearly Demented Mom. I will survive and at least I have a splatter of lights and candles around here.

Apologies are in order and tomorrow I’m blogging on homemade soups for the rest of the week because it’s cold in South Texas so I’m assuming everyone north of me is really chilly.

Thanks for your patience.

Spreading laughter throughout the world (sometimes)….one chuckle at a time.

Mikie Baker