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Cowboys and Outlaws


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Part of every big event in Bandera includes cowboys (and girls) riding horses. Some of these horse riders are my friends. Like I’ve always said, “It pays to have a couple of buddies who own horses. You just never know how high the price of gas is going to get.”

It took me a bit of searching to find their horses tied up somewhere, as there were horses all over town.

These models get more than 25 mph

I recognized the livestock and knew I was getting close. Just around the corner, I found a ride more my speed.

Arkey Blue spared no expense on his Mardi Gras float

As I was heading up the back stairs at Arkey’s, I ran square into a bunch of outlaws – Bandera Outlaws, that is.

These are the best of the bunch of Outlaws. Kinda scary, isn’t it?

The Bandera Outlaws are a large group of local horse-owners whose mission is to preserve and promote the Western Heritage of the beautiful Texas Hill Country.  The Outlaws participate in trail rides and in local civic and charitable events.

Of course, Outlaws come in all shapes and sizes

These lovely ladies rode in the parade, too. They hitched up the horses and enjoyed some gumbo and Mardi Gras fun.

Suddenly, this group of Outlaws began to turn rowdy on me

Since it was well into the middle of the afternoon, we decided to check out some of the local establishments in town. I decided after announcing a parade and taking all those pictures, I needed a break.

I’m drinking a non-alcoholic beer and really weigh 20 lbs less than that

Because I’ve gotten so thin, I could hardly sit still, so I took a whirl around the dance floor with a kind gentleman that asked me to dance. (He owed me one.)

I only stepped on his feet twice, okay, maybe three times

Well, after a couple of (non-alcoholic) beers, I decided it was about time to call it a day. I was started to get annoyed at having my picture taken because my knew camera keeps adding 20 lbs.

The Teenage Eating Machine knows that look

Well, tomorrow we’re going to wrap up Mardi Gras, Bandera style. Find out what kind of trouble I got in before I left town.

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